NEW 2021 Meal Plan


TWS has created a STANDARD meal plan, to guide, to help YOU live a healthier lifestyle.
This meal plan consist of normal everyday healthy foods, nothing over the top expensive.

FOR THE FIRST time, TWS has created this meal plan as a EITHER OR OPTION, this means every day you will have two different meal options, how exciting is that, if you don’t feel like the first option, you can go with option two, which ever you feel like on that day.

This meal plan is not based on calorie intake BUT created to form a balanced healthy lifestyle, without complicating your meals to much. This meal plan consist of four meals per day, three main meals and one snack.

If you wish to have a SPECIALISED meal plan designed JUST FOR YOU, send us an email, and we will recommend a Nutritionist who can assist and design a meal plan according to your needs.

Meal Plan

Standard Meal Plan, Vegetarian Meal Plan


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