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TWS Lifestyle Meal Ideas


TWS have created  STANDARD meal ideas, to guide, to help, YOU live a healthier lifestyle.

These meal ideas consists of normal everyday healthy foods, nothing over the top expensive and complicated, as we live in a fast life on the go 247, there is not always time for fancy meals. These meals will help you balance out your health and find a balance in living healthier.

These meal ideas consist of over 42 differentiation meal ideas. You will also receive a Meal Prep sheet, in order for you to plan your week ahead.

These meal ideas are suitable for the whole family.

These meal ideas are not based on calorie count/tracking, BUT created to form a balanced healthy lifestyle, without complicating healthy meals.  

If you wish to have a SPECIALISED meal plan designed JUST FOR YOU, send us an email, and we will recommend a Nutritionist who can assist and design a meal plan according to your needs.


Meal Plan

Standard Meal Plan, Vegetarian Meal Plan


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