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6 WEEK POSTPARTUM Home Workout Program


MY 6 WEEK POSTPARTUM Training program was created by me, being a first time mommy myself and walking the postpartum journey. I know time is super limited, and times are challenging being a new mom OR even on your postpartum journey. That is why this program is quick and effective for those short 30mins cat naps we sometimes get from our babies.

  • No need to spend hours in the gym working out, this program offers SHORT 15-20mins sessions
  • This program starts of slow, and builds up as you gain back your strength.
  • My focus is slow steady, movements and building the intensity up as time goes by.
  • This is a ALL HOME workout program.
  • Access to individual exercise demonstration videos.
  • 50 Different exercises

Equipment needed: Pair of Dumbbells, Booty band, Stable chair, Training mat


(Please note, this program does NOT include a meal plan)



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