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LETS BOOST YOUR LIFESTYLE WITH  14 Carefully planned workouts. This program will take you through 14 days of getting into a habit of training and creating structure. The workouts will target full body, High and Low impact exercises to create an all round touch.

  • 14 Day tracker (keep yourself accountable)
  • ALL Home workout
  • Quick and effective session, range between 15-25 mins per session
  • Full body focus
  • Ab set daily
  • 50/50 High & Low impact
  • START WHENEVER YOU WISH , as long as you start to build a habit.

Equipment needed:

  • Stable chair
  • Training
  • Mat Skipping rope
  • Pair of dumbbells (tin food cans will do)

There is no reason to not start creating a lifestyle and building on forming habits, with this 14 day structured workouts.



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