Train WithStephanie

 Hi, My name is Stephanie Stander, at the age of 26 I have found the love to help woman like you to transform your body. It has always been my passion to workout and live a healthy BALANCED lifestyle. 2 Years ago I started Train with Stephanie, TWS as most people know it.

With the mission to help woman feel more comfortable with there bodies, to supercharge your confidence level, and most Important to change your life by creating a HEALTHY lifestyle, now 2000 girls life has be changed by TWS.

My programs are put together by all the exercises I do on a daily base and have been doing for the past 2 years to reach my goals. All these exercises made me reach my goal and I would like to share this exciting plan with you.

Everyone has their own dream. Big or small – no matter how a dream is, it makes no sense without strong health and high determination. To help you achieve dreams, we are here to help you build a stronger and tougher body with confident feeling through hard workouts and compliments. Join us now today!

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